Orthopaedic Surgical Osseointegration Society


Local Expertise

We live and work right here in East Contra Costa county, we understand the Topographies, the various General Plans, and Market Trends, and we use this knowledge to benefit our clients.

Global Reach

We emphasize our Local roots, but service our clients Globally. We benefit from subscribing to technology, media, and old fashion networking opportunities to give our clients maximum exposure.


Our team includes resources that help us stay ahead of the market. We have added live feed, and webinar links, as well as personal observations to help keep ourselves and our clients informed.


We are in growth mode, we are bringing in new resources, and fresh ideas and are excited as we help our clients Catch The Wave into 2011, and beyond.


Why choose our company

  • Local Expertise
  • Global Reach
  • Research
  • Growing

Featured Property

1111 A Street, Antioch

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Lease or Purchase

Have properties for lease or purchase?
We have a wide variety of options for helping you sell your properties. Whether you need help with using technology to market your list, are looking for target marketing, need short sale options or more, we're here to help.

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Under it all is the Land

This tenet is the basis upon which Real Estate law and possession is based. We are linked to the land in remarkable ways. We identify with the land much as we identify with our culture. We are, after all, the stewards of the land we occupy, and the beneficiaries of its abundance.